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Ten minutes a day, three times a week spent shaving didn’t seem like a lot, but when I added it up I was spending two hours a month getting rid of the same hair over and over! And the only thing waxing stripped from me was my money. Then I finally discovered Hair Today Gone Tomorrow, and found I could get rid of unwanted hair on my lunch break, while keeping my budget in line.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow has been helping clients get rid of unwanted hair since 1998. Their incredibly affordable prices start at just 30 dollars per treatment for an upper lip or chin, sixty dollars per treatment for underarms, and 90 dollars per treatment for the bikini line…and their technologists receive more than 160 hours of training on FDA-approved I.P.L. technology!

Now the only things I’m shaving…are the time and expense of costly hair removal.

Call Hair Today Gone Tomorrow at 1-877-NO HAIRS. That’s 1-877-N.O.H.A.I.R.S.
Or log on at hair today gone tomorrow (dot) com.

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